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Dog training in English 

Hannover is a very international city.

Let's start the next dog training course or individual training session together in English. 


I am looking forward to meeting you!

Welcome to my dog school PfotenGlück

I would like to give you an overview in English about my work and offer as a dog trainer.

Feel free to contact me for any open questions.

Philosophy and working practice


I offer training for all kinds of dog-human teams. My working practice includes...


... working with positive reinforcement. This is how your dog will love the training and the learned behavior will stick. I always base the training on animal learning theory. A scientific approach is the basis of my training. I clearly reject the use of violence.


... a small steps training structure, because that is the safest way to reach your goal. Our dogs don't think abstractly like we do. Therefore it makes sense to divide the training into small steps. Step by step the teams reach their goal together.


... an individual consultation and tailored training, which is oriented towards the needs of each dog-human team. Because our four-legged friends are as unique as we are. 


... a holistic view. Neither humans nor animals function like machines. On the other side, we strive for a carefree and harmonious life together with our furry friend. The applied learning methods let you and your dog act as a team. Your relationship with each other and the mutual trust are strengthened. 


... considering communication as a constant companion. Many unwanted or disturbing behaviors arise due to misunderstandings in human-dog communication. To be a reliable partner for your dog, a clear communication as well as knowledge about the dog's body language are important basics.


... creating understanding for the dogs' behavior patterns. It is fundamental to explain the reasons for specific dog behaviors, because only those who know and understand the background can work with the right tools and achieve the training goal.   

Group courses

I offer a variety of topics in small group courses:

  • Puppy Class - the perfect start for all puppies.

  • Young & Wild - with constant training managing your dog`s puberty phase.

  • Daily Life Training - we train everyday situations together to promote a relaxed everyday life with your dog.

  • Sniffing Course - the perfect way to promote your dog`s talent and give him tasks, that require a lot of concentration.

  • Activity & Fun - A wonderful mix of tricks, action and fun for the owner and the dog!

  • Intensive Leash Training - one of the most difficult goals to reach: Walking relaxed instead of pulling on the leash.

  • Intensive Call-back Training - a very important signal for each and every dog!

  • Dog-dog Communication - not a training for your dog, but mainly for the owner to learn more about communication between dogs.


Individual Dog Training​

Why individual training? 

There are several reasons for individual training sessions.


  • Group training is (still) too much distraction for your dog.

  • You want to change a certain behavior of your dog as fast as possible. For this you need an individual consultation and a training plan tailored to your dog.

  • You would rather discuss your concerns privately with the dog trainer than in a group.

  • Depending on the topic, it may be necessary to train in the private environment of the dog owner, because only there the unwanted behavior occurs at all, e.g. in separation distress.


Possible training topics can be

  • Learning how to relax

  • Aggression towards other dogs, people, on the leash, etc.

  • Anxiety

  • Separation distress

  • Medical training

Of course, other, very individual topics are also possible.


Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Tandem Training​


Of course you can team up with a friend or relative for your dog training sessions. 

Almost every topic can be trained in a tandem course! You get the advantage of a very individual and personalized training session and at the same time saving costs, compared to the individual training.

Please contact me for further details.

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